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Gambling News 10-02-2021

Behold the Future of Dice, Roll to Win Craps Arrives at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Like it or not, the future of craps has arrived in Las Vegas. Harrah’s is the first Las Vegas casino to have Roll to Win Craps, a multi-sensory new take on a quintessential casino game. We fully expected to hate Roll to Win Craps, but after our first test drive of the game, we’re thinking […]

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Gambling News 03-02-2021

Little Casino, Big Money: Ellis Island Guest Nabs $905,000 Buffalo Jackpot

Ellis Island might be a little casino, but that doesn’t mean players don’t win big there. On Feb. 2, 2021, an Ellis Island regular won $905,754.63 on a Buffalo Grand slot. Judge not a casino by its size, but by its jackpots. The player, David Frys, said, “I’ve been playing at Ellis Island for years […]

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Gambling News 24-01-2021

Gaming Today Magazine Sold, Print Publication to Cease

A Las Vegas-based sports betting publication, Gaming Today, has been sold to i15 Media. While the Gaming Today Web site will continue under new ownership, the print publication will cease Feb. 10, 2021, following the magazine’s Super Bowl edition. Gaming Today has been in print for more than 45 years. It’s distributed in about 150 […]

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Gambling News 21-01-2021

Eight Casino Games and the Psychology of Why People Play Them

Las Vegas casinos are an absolute blast. Each has a slew of games of chance to choose from, and there’s something for everyone. One of the great things about casino games is each differs in why they’re appealing, and players of various games often have very different reasons for playing. The psychology of gambling is […]

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Gambling News 20-01-2021

Gender-Neutral Playing Cards: Field-Flattener or Philosophical Flop

A forensic psychology graduate in the Netherlands has proposed replacing the king, queen and jack in decks of playing cards to challenge gender inequality. The king, queen and jack would be replaced by gold, silver and bronze. Let the public outcry begin! First Las Vegas casino that gets them wins. We know a little something […]

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Gambling News 05-01-2021

Gird Your Bank Account: Cashless Slot Machine Systems Are Here

Casino technology company IGT announced its cashless gambling system, Resort Wallet, has been approved by Nevada gaming authorities. Hello, mixed feelings. The system allows gamblers to access money directly from a slot machine, rather than having to insert cash or trek to an ATM. A player simply uses their casino loyalty club card to transfer […]

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Gambling News 01-01-2021

Megabucks Hits for $15.5 Million, We’ve Got Exclusive Details

On Christmas Eve 2020, a lucky player won $15.5 million on a Megabucks slot machine at Suncoast casino. The dude’s name was Kevin. But wait, there’s more. At least somebody’s 2020 didn’t entirely suck. The exact jackpot was $15,491,103.27. While taxes for such jackpots vary, The Man takes about a 40 percent bite. Still, the […]

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