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Gambling News 11-11-2021

Here’s the Last Casino With Coin Slot Machines on the Las Vegas Strip

Coin slots have become as rare as diving boards in Las Vegas. In fact, there’s only one casino in the Las Vegas Strip that still takes coins. Just the one. The last hold-out for coin-operated slot machines on the Las Vegas Strip? Wait for it. Circus Circus. The last remaining coin-operated slots on the Las […]

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Gambling News 27-10-2021

Vegas Casinos Invent New Way to Nickel-and-Dime Guests, Literally

While we’re an unabashed cheerleader for Las Vegas, we also take great joy in calling out horseshittery, especially when it hurts our town. This is that. Caesars Entertainment, which owns nine casino resorts in Las Vegas, is now screwing guests out of their change. Yes, that’s the technical term. This annoying practice happens at casino […]

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Gambling News 13-09-2021

Lucky Player Snags Million-Dollar Jackpot at Cannery Casino

There’s been a spate of big wins in Las Vegas casinos in recent weeks. This, despite the fact we’re only partially sure “spate” means what we think it means. Eh, we’ll go with “plethora” just to be on the safe side. The local’s win was a whopping $1,024,065.45, rounded down to $1,024,065 because there’s a […]

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Gambling News 09-09-2021

Old-School Main Street Station Casino Reopens Downtown

It somehow turned out to be the most-anticipated casino reopening coming out of the pandemic, and it was worth the wait. Downtown’s Main Street Station, owned by Boyd Gaming, reopened on Sep. 8, 2021, after being closed since March 2020. The drinks were flowing, the quads were bountiful and it was glorious revisiting all the […]

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Gambling News 06-09-2021

Player Hits $1 Million Video Poker Jackpot at Cosmo

The next best thing to hitting a million-dollar jackpot in Las Vegas is hearing about somebody else hitting one. Distant second, but still. A lucky high limit video poker player snagged a $1 million jackpot at Cosmopolitan on Labor Day, Sep. 6, 2021. So many zeroes, it’s like the gratuity line on a Raiders restaurant […]

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Gambling News 01-09-2021

Rumor: Player Tips $200 After Hitting $1.1 Million Jackpot at Golden Nugget

It’s a too-familiar story, but a million-dollar-plus jackpot winner at Golden Nugget is rumored to have left a $200 tip. Face, meet palm. The player won $1.1 million on the Crazy 4 Poker progressive. That’s not the rumor part. Took a few years, but this sucker finally paid off. Golden Nugget employees and others (who […]

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Gambling News 23-07-2021

Hell-Ton of Table Games Replaced With Machines at Caesars Entertainment Casinos

Caesars Entertainment is in the process of removing entire swaths of table games at its Las Vegas casinos. The table games are being replaced with electronic table games and slot machines. At Flamingo, for example, a large table games pit outside Charlos’n Charlie’s is now populated by slots. Simply put, slots don’t need breaks or […]

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Gambling News 14-07-2021

Keno Lounge Closes at El Cortez Casino

Yet another keno lounge has closed, this time at El Cortez casino on Fremont Street. Live keno has seen a slow decline in recent months (years, really). Anther downtown casino, Four Queens, shut down its keno room on May 31, 2021. Unrelated to the story, we just like what El Cortez has done with its […]

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Gambling News 14-07-2021

Go Go Claw Slot Machines Grab Attention at The D Las Vegas

There’s a new slot machine at The D casino, and it’s grabbing the attention of guests. The D has two Go Go Claw slot machines, and they’re the first and only such machines in Las Vegas. And possibly the world. We would find out, but that would require “exerting effort,” so you know that’s not […]

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Gambling News 07-07-2021

Tuscany Casino Dumps All Live Table Games

Lots of Las Vegas casinos are cutting labor costs by replacing select live table games with electronic versions, but few have eliminated dealers completely. The off-Strip Tuscany, however, recently shut down and removed all its live table games. Cussing at a machine is the new cussing at a dealer. At one time, Tuscany had about […]

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