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Gambling News 05-01-2021

Gird Your Bank Account: Cashless Slot Machine Systems Are Here

Casino technology company IGT announced its cashless gambling system, Resort Wallet, has been approved by Nevada gaming authorities. Hello, mixed feelings. The system allows gamblers to access money directly from a slot machine, rather than having to insert cash or trek to an ATM. A player simply uses their casino loyalty club card to transfer […]

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Gambling News 01-01-2021

Megabucks Hits for $15.5 Million, We’ve Got Exclusive Details

On Christmas Eve 2020, a lucky player won $15.5 million on a Megabucks slot machine at Suncoast casino. The dude’s name was Kevin. But wait, there’s more. At least somebody’s 2020 didn’t entirely suck. The exact jackpot was $15,491,103.27. While taxes for such jackpots vary, The Man takes about a 40 percent bite. Still, the […]

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Gambling News 09-12-2020

Downtown Grand Halts Table Games Midweek

In another lovely sign of the challenges facing Las Vegas casinos at the moment, Downtown Grand has stopped operating its table games on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. While Downtown Grand’s casino table games area has never really been considered lively, at least they had one, and the experience was always enjoyable. We love Downtown Grand’s […]

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Gambling News 10-11-2020

Three Strip Poker Rooms Appear Down for the Count

It’s looking more like three poker rooms on the Las Vegas Strip won’t be back following what were originally thought to be temporary closures due to the pandemic. The three former poker rooms were at Mirage, Mandalay Bay and Excalibur. According to, MGM Resorts will be giving away left over jackpot money, signaling these […]

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Gambling News 25-10-2020

Downtown Grand Offers $1 Blackjack, It’s Complicated

Downtown Grand is serving up a rare deal for its casino guests, blackjack with a $1 minimum. Downtown Grand Tweeted the news on Oct. 16, 2020, along with the fact it’s the only downtown casino to offer $1 blackjack. How’s this for a little throwback action? The response to this news has been counter-intuitive, to […]

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Gambling News 08-10-2020

That Time We Learned About Burning the Dice in Craps

We’ve played craps a time or two during our innumerable Las Vegas outings, but until recently had never heard the term “burning the dice.” A helpful yet surly floor supervisor at one of our favorite casinos shared that “burning the dice” is a method cheaters use, so it’s not permitted. “Burning the dice” is when […]

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Gambling News 07-10-2020

Circa, The D and Golden Gate Revamp Players Club, There’s a Twist

The casino loyalty club for The D, Golden Gate and upcoming Circa is getting an overhaul, including a new set of tiers. The new One Club tiers have been officially announced, but we’re even more intrigued by one that hasn’t. Been announced. Please try and keep up. Here’s a look at three of the four […]

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Gambling News 30-09-2020

Caesars Entertainment Buys William Hill Sportsbooks

Casino giant Caesars Entertainment has made its first big move since merging with Eldorado Resorts. The company has acquired William Hill, the sports book folks. Caesars is purchasing William Hill for $3.7 billion, and the deal is expected to close in the second half of 2021. For each share held, William Hill shareholders will get […]

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Gambling News 22-09-2020

Triple Zero Roulette is Pretty Much Everyflippingwhere in Las Vegas

It started innocently enough. An additional space showed up on a roulette table. It looked innocuous, just one additional space on one table at Venetian back in 2016, no big deal. The logo that started it all. Then triple zero roulette popped up at Planet Hollywood and New York-New York. No big deal, right? Well, […]

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Gambling News 21-09-2020

Oyo Las Vegas Reopens, Here’s the Skinny

The Oyo Las Vegas hotel-casino reopened on Sep. 16, 2020, so we had to check it out. By “check it out,” of course, we mean, “We lost $100 at blackjack in less than five minutes.” Seriously, we lost 10 out of the 11 hands we played. How is that even mathematically possible? We were happy […]

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