Auto 28-06-2019

Pre-Facelift E36 BMW M3 is now eligible for US Import

As a big E36 3 Series fan, that generation of M3 has always had a special place in my heart. However, the prospect of owning one has always felt like it would bring an asterisk with it. While the US market E36 BMW M3 is a great car, it’s not as good as the Euro-market […]

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Auto 06-07-2019

Will BMW make another 1 Series M to take on the Mercedes-AMG A45 S?

For the first time ever, BMW is going to have its own front-wheel drive-based hot hatch — the BMW M135i xDrive. When that debuts, it will be the first time BMW properly competes with cars like the Volkswagen Golf R, Audi S3 and Mercedes-AMG A35. Admittedly, the previous-gen M140i did too but it was rear-wheel […]

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Auto 14-07-2019

Auto Express Test: BMW 7 Series vs Range Rover?

It’s not unusual to compare different luxury vehicles to see which is best. However, typically those luxury cars aren’t completely different types of vehicles. In this new comparison test from Auto Express, we take a look a the BMW 7 Series and the Range Rover. Odd but interesting. What’s even more interesting about these two […]

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Auto 30-06-2019

BMW M8 Competition gets unveiled in Japan

The 2020 BMW M8 Competition, in the coupe form, just made its debut in Japan as well. The super sporty coupe was unveiled weeks ago and it’s now slowly to arrive in countries around the world. The images below show the Frozen Marina Bay Blue Metallic and, of course, with the right-hand steering wheel. Obviously, […]

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Auto 08-07-2019

One-Off BMW 1M in Java Green is up for sale

The world’s only BMW 1M with an individual paint in Java Green Metallic is up for sale. The compact sports car was presented to us seven years ago as one of the only four in the world to ever receive an official BMW Individual treatment. The uniquely named Green Mamba 1M is the 6328th out of […]

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Auto 16-07-2019

BMW M5 Competition Is Now The Fastest Police Car In Australia

The powerful BMW M5 Competition joins the police fleet in Australia. The Victoria Police Department has just taken ownership of the F90 M5 Competition, which is now the fastest police car in Australia. BMW already provides the diesel-powered 5 Series to the Australia’s police fleets, but the brand’s M5 Competition is the jewel of the police […]

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Auto 29-06-2019

BMW X3 M Sport gets visual upgrades from 3D Design

We’ve been working with 3D Design for some time now, as they make some of the very best aftermarket BMW parts on the market. That’s evident in their new upgrade kit for the G01 BMW X3. The BMW X3 isn’t exactly the most enthusiast-oriented car on the market, as it’s mostly just a family crossover […]

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Auto 07-07-2019

Toyota Supra is Evolve Automotive’s next project car

Our friends at Evolve Automotive do some really great work with BMW Group products. We’ve seen them not only tune and modify BMWs and MINIs but also develop products for them as well, such as the Eventuri brand of intakes. Now, though, Evolve is turning their attention to a car from a different brand but […]

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Auto 16-07-2019

Alexander Sims gets second place at Formula E in Brooklyn

BMW i Andretti Motorsport has finished the ABB FIA Formula E Championship 2018/19 with another podium success. At the wheel of the #27 BMW iFE.18, Alexander Sims (GBR) secured second place in the New York City E-Prix after starting the race from pole position. After the 13th and final race of the season, Sims stood […]

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Auto 01-07-2019

Learn more about the 720 hp BMW 5 Series Electric

BMW used the #NextGen event in Munich to not only unveil a series of production cars and concepts, but also a prototype which hints at a future 5 Series electric model. Using three of its fifth-generation electric drive units, BMW says the Power BEV has a maximum system output of 530 kW/720 hp, enabling the […]

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