Auto 18-04-2019

New BMW 3 Series launches in Shanghai in Galvanic Gold

Along with the China-only BMW 3 Series Long Wheelbase, BMW has also introduced in Shanghai their standard 3 Series models. One of the models displayed there was a 325i in Galvanic Gold, the vibrant yellow color made famous by the BMW X2. According to BMW, the color is offered standard for Chinese customers, but it’s […]

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Auto 25-04-2019

Potential Porsche Panamera Coupe could take on BMW 8 Series

At the moment, Porsche doesn’t really have a natural competitor for the BMW 8 Series, Lexus LC500, Aston Martin DB11 or upcoming Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. That’s because the 911, the only two-door Porsche that sits in the same price range as the 8er, is a rear-engine sports car, not a front-engine GT car. However, the folks […]

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Auto 03-05-2019

Video: Doug DeMuro Praises the MINI Countryman JCW

The MINI brand isn’t doing so well in the US. Sales reported for April 2019 show that the brand is shrinking fast, dropping 29.8 percent compared to the same month of last year. MINI can’t blame a changeover in the range as is usually the case when such sudden drops in sales are recorded, so […]

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Auto 12-05-2019

Seven Important Things To Know Before Investing In A Used BMW

You can almost taste it. The freedom of your own set of wheels. Say goodbye to the days of begging friends, and family members for lifts to the shop. Be prepared to be able to go anywhere, whenever… As long as you have the cash for gas of course! The best part about getting ready […]

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Auto 19-05-2019

FC Bayern Munich BMW deal seems to be off

A few weeks ago, FC Bayern were pleased to announce a future change in their automotive partner – BMW would take over from Audi as the team sponsor by 2025. But a new development might have changed these plans. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, the famous football club based in Munich has decided to […]

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Auto 18-04-2019

2019 NY Auto Show: Genesis Mint Concept is even funkier than the BMW i3

Since the BMW i3 debuted, there haven’t really been any funky EVs to go on sale. In fact, with cars like the Chevy Bolt, Audi e-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQC, it seems as if most automakers are shying away from radical designs and trying to keep their EVs more sedate looking. So seeing this new Genesis […]

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Auto 27-04-2019

VIDEO: Watch Chris Harris hoon a classic Mini Cooper S in his Mom’s memory

While BMW and Mini were not involved with each other when the classics were made, we still love them. How does one not love a classic Mini? There might not be happier, more fun cars on the planet. In this new video from Chris Harris, he goes racing in a classic Mini Cooper S racer […]

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Auto 04-05-2019

Marco Wittmann and BMW win the first race of the new DTM turbo era

Marco Wittmann of BMW Team RMG took victory in the opening race of the 2019 season at the Hockenheimring on Saturday, and with it the first race of the new turbo era in the DTM. The two-time champion, at the wheel of the Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, produced a flawless display in wet conditions, converting […]

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Auto 13-05-2019

BMW i8 Safety Cars on the track at the Monaco e-Prix

While yet to be introduced as the official safety car for this year’s Formula E championship, the BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car joined the actual i8 Coupe Safety Car for some hot laps around the Port of Monaco. The 2019 Monaco e-Prix took place this weekend in the beautiful Principauté de Monaco and it was, […]

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Auto 21-05-2019

Video: BMW M850i Coupe Review Claims It’s a Welcome Addition to GT Class

The new BMW 8 Series has been getting pretty good reviews. Some have pointed to the model’s faults to some extent, and they are certainly there, as there’s no such thing as a perfect car on the market today. What does exist is the perfect car for you but that’s a different topic altogether. The […]

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