A Quick Player's Guide to the 2018 Battle of Malta

Never been to the Battle of Malta?

Or maybe you’ve visited past editions of the Battle of Malta and want to know what’s new and how things will be organized this year?

Don’t sweat it.

We’ve got your back with a quick run-through below of all the new additions, logistical changes and things to look forward to for the 2018 Battle of Malta poker festival.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Leave us a note in the comments and we’ll find the answer for you (or direct you to someone who can answer it for you)!

Battle of Malta FAQ

Where is the Battle of Malta Being Played This Year?

If you missed our big news from earlier this year, PokerListings sold the rights to the Battle of Malta to the Eden Leisure Group, who own the 5-Star InterContinental Hotel and Casino Malta.

The 2018 Battle of Malta will take place inside the massive 3000m2 Eden Arena conference area inside the hotel.

How Many Tables Can the BoM Arena Hold?

An astounding 140!

How Far Away is Casino Malta from the Old BoM Location?

Casino Malta is less than a 5-minute walk away from the old BoM location and still in the St Julian’s area, Malta’s premier spot for restaurants and nightlife.

How Much is the Battle of Malta Main Event Guarantee?

For the first time ever the Battle of Malta Main Event (still with €550 buy-in) has a €1 million guarantee.

casino malta

How Many Events Will Be Played?

Including the Main Event the 2018 Battle of Malta will host 9 different tournaments. See the full schedule of events here.

Where Do I Register for Battle of Malta Events?

Registration for the 2018 Battle of Malta main event and all side events will be at multiple registration points in the Eden Arena.

Where Can I Collect My Pre-Registration Ticket?

If you already have a pre-registration ticket you can jump in any “fast lane” registration point at the Eden Arena.

Can I Still Buy Into the BoM Online?

Yes, you can buy in online via www.BattleofMalta.com or through MainEventTravel.com which offers special room+buy-in packages and several great discounts. You can buy just a seat in the Main Event or packages for 1 or 2 players including hotel. 

How Do I Book a Hotel Room?

You can book Club Room and Junior suites via www.BattleofMalta.com or standard rooms through MainEventTravel.com. At MainEventTravel.com you’ll find all of the full room+buy-in packages which come at discounted prices when bought together.

Can I Still Qualify Online or Live for the Battle of Malta?

Online qualifiers for the BoM Main Event are still ongoing at a few online partners including the MPN network and 888poker. Check in the tournament lobbies for the latest satellites or on our online qualifier page here.

55+5 (and cheaper) live satellites will be running at Casino Malta all next week. Check the lineup here and stay tuned to the Battle of Malta Facebook page for more updates.

Who Will Host the 2018 Battle of Malta?

This year’s host for the 2018 Battle of Malta is Laura Cornelius, a well known poker TV presenter who has worked for PokerStars.tv, the Global Poker League, Sky Poker and more.

Cornelius will be kicking off the BoM festivities every day and joining the BoM parties. Cornelius is the fourth host in the history of the Battle of Malta following Kara Scott, Maria Ho and Gaëlle Garcia Diaz.


Will Patrik Antonius Really Be There?

Really! He will be. And he’s just as handsome in person as he is on TV!

Will Boris Becker Really Be There?

He will be! Specifically you can find him at the Pink October Malta high roller charity tournament to raise funds on October 26 but you’ll likely see him in the Main Event and around the cash tables (maybe) too.

How About Ana Marquez and Sofia Lövgren?

They’ll be there too!

Is There a Battle of Malta Live Stream?

Yes! The 2018 Battle of Malta will have six full days of live stream coverage starting from Day 1a. For the first 5 days the live stream will be a single-camera feature table on a 30-minute delay with cards-up display.

The 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event final table will have 5 cameras, full commentary and rotating guests! You can watch the 2018 Battle of Malta Live Stream at:

Battle of Malta Facebook page
PokerListings Live Stream Page

The live stream will also be embedded on several external poker sites.

Text and photo live updates will be posted every day on PokerListings.com, PokerListings.it (in Italian) and BattleofMalta.com. Join the live Twitter conversation with the hashtag #battleofmalta in your own social media posts.

Can I Wear Sponsor Patches or Logos if I’m on the Live Stream Feature Table?

Yes, you can wear any logos, any size.


Where Can I Collect My Payout?

From any registration point at the Eden Arena. Please ensure you bring photo ID.

Does the Battle of Malta Have a Dress Code?

No, you may wear anything you like including trainers, jeans, shorts, sandals, vests etc

What is the Battle of Malta Main Event Structure?

See the Main Event and Side Event structures and payouts right here.

What is the Battle of Malta Re-Entry Policy?

This year’s Main Event will offer unlimited re-entries for the first time ever.

How Many Day 1 Flights Are There?

For the first-time ever the Battle of Malta main event will have 4 Day 1 flights. Days 1A, 1B and 1C will be normal flights while Day 1D will be a Turbo flight starting at 9pm on Saturday evening.

Will the Battle of Malta Main Event Have Big Blind Ante?

Yes! The 2018 Battle of Malta main event will have a Big Blind Ante for the first time. The ante comes into play in Level 2. The player in the big blind will post antes for the whole table to speed up the game and avoid any confusion over who has put in their ante or not.

Bracelet Cash

Prepare for serious dough

How Many Dealers will the 2018 BoM Have?

Led by Tournament Director Rodolfo Zirio there will be more than 100 dealers working at the 2018 BoM along with 10 floor staff.

Will There Be Cash Games Running During the Tournament?

Yes, a wide variety of cash games will be available 24/7 at Casino Malta where there are over 30 poker tables available. Limits start at €1/€3.

Will There Be Parties?

Of course there will be parties! The 2018 Battle of Malta will host 3 parties over the tournament weekend:

Thursday, October 25: Aperol Spritz Battle of Malta Welcome Party (Free Aperol Spritz drinks from 8pm onwards in the Casino Malta bar)
Saturday, October 27: Battle of Malta Bowling Competition at Eden SuperBowl (Bowling Competition for 4 seats in 2019 BoM Main Event)
Sunday, October 28: Battle of Malta Players Party at private Paranga Beach on St. Julian’s Bay

Will There Be Trophies?

Yes! Our signature BoM trophies will again be awarded with a new design and style for 2018.

Where Can I Charge My Phone?

Mobile phone charging hotspots will be placed around the tournament area for players to use as they like.

What About Table Service?

Every tournament table at the Battle of Malta will have its own wireless call button for players to request food, drinks & massages.

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